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Who are we?

CVS-Gaming is a boutique development agency for interactive live streaming. Determining to specialize in Twitch made us the number #1 studio in Europe. We worked with Crocs, WhatsApp, Uber Eats, T-Mobile, Oooh, Infinite Album and others.

Below is a selection of our own portfolio, which includes the most adopted virtual pet on Twitch, Pando.

pando doing a dab animation


Pando is a community pet for Twitch streamers. There are up to 6 different pets. Pando is an award-winning Twitch extension and found a permanent home to almost 50.000 streamers!

For streamers that desire something new. 

With 3D objects, coherent themes and uniquely designed games, is the future of interactive live streaming. 

stream alerts christmas theme
Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Chairs, music and friends until the beat drops.

Musical Chairs is a game with viewers participation features, designed for content creators on Twitch.

Let’s cue the music in 2023!