Black Opium

a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Twitch’s Brand Partnership Studio featuring four popular European Twitch streamers: /Maghla (FR), Talia Mar (UK), Honeypu (DE) and Cristinini (ES), leading the Twitch community in a custom-built, interactive live gaming quest to find the YSL Black Opium le Parfum bottle
unlocked puzzle ysl vault twitch stream black opium
YSL Beauty Black Opium Le parfum Bottle Twitch

Everything you need to know


During a 2-hour stream, streamers were playing a custom Minecraft map. Their goal? Search clues to find the secret vault. Upon arrival, viewers needed to solve the mystery by answering puzzles through an extension made by CVS-Gaming.

Custom Twitch Extension

We want to make sure the pet is comfortable on your on channel! This is why we are making sure you are able to make certain customization.