Uber Eats introduces YAM, the Uber Eats masco! Because he loves food as much as gaming, he teamed up with four of Germany’s most popular Twitch streamers to treat the communities with exclusive Uber Eats discounts.

Pando Dancing Uber Eats Colour

Everything you need to know


4 stream rooms, 4 cuisines and 4 games! A rare amount of extra effort to situate the creators personal preferences. Viewers and creators loved the pixel art.


Our Pando pet was recoloured green and named YAM for Uber Eats for a special streaming occasion, with over 20 custom designed animations.

Discount Codes

Viewers received discount codes for their next Uber Eats order!

Custom Twitch Extension

Our Pando extension was redesigned to make sure it would fit all client needs. CVS-Gaming designed 4 custom games for each creator.


3.5 million minutes watched and 744k views