Looking for a cool way to support a special stream? Subathons allow you to go all out and reward your loyal viewers. The time you stream depends on the viewer. Communicate their rewards for reaching a certain milestone, like a giveaway, playing a game with subs, or eat some spicy food.

Subathon UI

Everything you need to know


Is there a special occasion, like reaching partner, birthdays or your stream anniversary? With Subathon you can go all out and reward your loyal viewers. The technical part is simplified so you can arrange the decorations.

Custom Notifications

If you don't have them already you can choose to use our alerts. This way everyone can see who donated.

Twitch Extension

Any OBS program is available, the extension is free and on your viewers can instantly interact.


Everything is automated so you can focus on the stream. The timer gains extra time by subs and bits.

Custom Timer

Make adjustments to manage the stream duration for your own personal preference. Unless you want to stream forever. Kappa


Need help? Require feedback on donation goals? Click on the icon and find the answers to all your questions in our Discord.

Happy Streaming

with Subathon