Stream alerts

Twitch integrations supported by the Unity game engine to offer unique streaming experiences loved by Twitch viewers. We provide interactive alerts, themed overlays for special occasions, and entertaining games that allow you to take a break without losing viewers.
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Everything you need to know

Easy installation

Simply add a browser source for our alerts, overlays and games. Install the separate Twitch extension to support our game interactions.

Increase engagement

Viewers become actively involved when you start a game for them. Without a big threshold, they can instantly participate and play against each other will you take a short break.

Viewer recognition

Our Twitch integrations increases the attention to viewers, making their support feel recognized.

Sub streaks

Loyal viewers activate a sub streak each month they support your Twitch channel, and our alerts reflect their support by dropping more objects.

Take a break

You do not need to stress about viewers taking off when your chair takes over the stream. Just switch to a preinstalled scene and let your viewers play a game


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