Sales Alerts

This simple integration can provide real-time notifications on live streams whenever your e-commerce website has a new sale! Perfect when you collaborate with content creators. Support your campaign and increase sales within your target audience in a credible way!

Everything you need to know

Easy installation

We made it easy for the content creators and business owners. Just share the URL/name and you are good to go!


Viewers can maintain the pet and treat it will lovely snacks! This streaming pet eats real gamer food like ramen and luxury sushi!


We can get this integration working with any e-commerce website and start increasing your sales results.

Public incentives

Viewers can get their 15-seconds of fame whenever they make a purchase using the discount code of their favorite streamer!

Affiliate Marketing

If you already have an affiliate marketing strategy or you are looking to get started, sales alerts are the perfect addition to this package.


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Increase Sales

with Sales Alerts