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June 2022



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Smash Country Clash is a gaming event with the top European Smash athletes, celebrating what we love: gaming culture. During an action packed 3-day live stream on Twitch, athletes from France, Germany, and The Netherlands compete for a €1500,- prize pool. Besides the competitive matches, there will be quizzes, interviews, sketches and unique viewer participation segments through interactive tools and games, designed and developed by CVS-Gaming. We believe this format is the future of grass-roots entertainment and will receive long-lasting memories for its core audience.


The pandemic restrictions crippled the offline fighting game community. However, it gave the inspiration to come up with a new kind of event, one where everyone is involved. Where social encounters return and gaming culture is celebrated.


  • The best European players
  • 3-days of free, live entertainment
  • Games with crowd-based mechanics (like TwitchPlaysPokemon)
  • Professional commentators
  • €1500,- prize pool
  • Delicious food
  • Pioneering interactive innovations in esports
  • Original content, never seen before on Twitch
  • Even the commercials are entertaining!


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Selected Articles

  • "As a close friend and someone that’s worked with the team before I can assure everyone that the event is in good hands. I’m sure that anyone that’s ever attended Syndicate can vouch for them too."
    - Mr. R., Twitter
  • "I’m excited to show what I learned during the tournament break! Same thing goes for others, I am curious how they evolved during that time."
    - Quik, Twitter

Syndicate 2019 Finals
The most attendees (1000+) at an esports event in the Netherlands https:.

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Smash Country Clash Credits

Dennis Kwarteng
Communication & Athlete Management

Roland Volbeda
Visuals & Live Stream

Jeroen van Baar

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks