A virtual pet with all the benefits and without a bill from the vet. The Pando will show emotion, interact with your viewers and grow over time. And you can play fun games together like Rock Paper Scissors! 

Everything you need to know


Everyone needs to have a bit of company. Our pets will stay with you forever. May it become your biggest fan!


Viewers can maintain the pet and treat it with lovely snacks! This streaming pet eats real gamer food like ramen and luxury sushi!


For every interaction with viewers, such as followers, subscribers and channel points, the pet will grow. Reaching higher levels will unlock new content!

Channel Points

Your viewers can experience the extension before they spend money. And it's a good way to keep loyale viewers engaged.


We want to make sure the pet is comfortable on your on channel! This is why we are making sure you are able to make certain customization.


If you feel like we need to make improvements, Discord is the place!

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