When you track the path to partner using #Goals, you can create different goals and describe the outcome. This way viewers can choose how to help out. With the smart design, the goals are displayed in a transparent and rotating manner so as not to distract viewers from the games you play. Generous viewers are rewarded with a placement on the leaderboard. 

Leaderboard in Goals

Everything you need to know


Create small goals on your road to partner. Stay motivated as your viewers help to complete them.

Custom Notifications

By providing a transparent, rotating goal tracker everybody notices them, without blocking your content. The chatbot* drops a message too, so you really can't miss it. *releasing soon

Twitch Extension

The important benefits? Any OBS program is available, the extension is free and on your Twitch channel, viewers can instantly interact. SeemsGood


Keep creating awesome content while every new sub, bits, and follow automatically progress the goal.


Each small step towards the goal is celebrated with digital confetti. Have fun without making a mess.


Do you need help? Require feedback on donation goals? Click on the icon and find the answers to all your questions in our Discord

Reach Milestones

with #Goals