Devlog 1

Welcome as we start our new journey: making a video game for content creators!

Starting the unknown 

It was a bright cold day in October, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Was it because of daylight saving time? Or am I quoting George Orwell for different reasons? Well, I want to talk about our future, so probably the last one is true. 

The blog you are reading is about our journey for Musical Chairs, the schoolyard battle royale. And yes it is based on a children’s game, just like Squid Game…and no, we can’t proof we had this idea months before the hype. 

2 years ago, we started developing software for content creators, and now game development will help us continue this journey. “We” being my co-founder Joris and me, Jeroen. I hope writing the updates on our journey will be an entertaining process and may it help the SEO ratings. Mixing business with pleasure am I right? 

It feels odd though. “Blogging” while everyone is on TikTok and big CEO’s live in a whole different universe. Are we old? I’m only 32 and after working in IT through most of my career, I’m adapting. I’m producing a video game. Thankfully I’m not alone, this couldn’t be done without Joris and the wonderful help of Business Goose. Thanks for believing in another crazy idea. 

My part in this circus is to make sure the game is finished within schedule. I’ve several other roles, like funding the development, community management and publishing, and likely I will write specific blogs on how to handle them. 

If you made it this far, which is a long way for some young adolescents (you could have watched 5 TikTok’s by now!), you might be interested in the why’s and how’s or a so-called vision. So here we go! Elevator pitch! 

We believe that content creators play a crucial role with the gaming industry to promote, play and entertain people. And the attention economy requires you to become creative and resourceful to be noticed. Most of us seem to understand this, however, there are hardly any games that focus their development from the perspective of content creators. Why?

You can guess the million-dollar question: if we make a game for content creators, does this mean we get their attention? 

We want to answer this question by creating a familiar game, with low thresholds and interactive features. That’s our leap of faith. This is why Musical Chairs, the schoolyard battle royale, will be a web browser game that you can play instantly with your community. And we can’t wait to play it!

Thanks for reading! 

GG, Jeroenski


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Jeroen van Baar