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CVS-Gaming is a 3rd party Twitch Developer with an award winning portfolio. We have developed a variation of the best tools and plugins for Twitch streamers. These innovations engage content creators and their community, producing distinctive, and possible viral content.


Pando is a virtual pet designed for Twitch. Viewers can feed the pet, play games and watch it grow! All you need is a cute name.

After the release in 2021, Pando became an award-winning Twitch extension and found a permanent home with many streamers and their community!

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is an online party game! 

From the start, this game was designed for content creators so their viewers can participate. 

Let’s cue the music in Q3 2022!

Musical Chairs


Twitch Consult

Do you meet the high expectations of creators? Do you want a credible and authentic integration that is innovative and unique?

So are you wondering how to develop a Twitch Extension? Want to know how your brand can be present with Gen Z? Contact us!

CVS-Gaming is a specialist in software development for content creators. Let’s work together to provide a customized experience for streamers and their community.


Our Services

Twitch Drops

Twitch viewers fulfill a certain condition on Twitch, like watching 30 minutes, and are rewarded with in-game items. All you need is a backend system to claim the Drops. Let us help you with that!


Switch the pet to your gaming character or team mascot and you have something unique for fans.


Subathon can support time-based endurance events. Connect any API to extend the stream-timer, like a win in League of Legends add 20 minute to the timer.


Twitch Extensions are front-end experiences that allow streamers to create interactive, custom experiences - such as leaderboards, mini-games, polls, and more - on their channel page as a panel or video overlay.

Sales Alerts

This is a custom monetization solution to create awareness about your e-commerce business by providing realtime notifications on live streams.


Use #Goals to communicate to viewers about collective milestones, or facilitate a race between streamers. It is the perfect tool to showcase progressive targets.